A tribal man from the Naxalite region is now a genetics scientist in the United States

A tribal man from the Naxalite region is now a genetics scientist in the United States

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MAHARASHTRA: It was no easy journey for this tribal boy from the Naxalite region of Chandrapur in Maharashtra, who once wanted to be an IAS officer but later became a genetic scientist in the United States. Bhaskar Chhintaman Halami completed his primary school in his small village of Chandrapur. “It was a difficult journey for me. I always wanted to do something big, but I had no idea what it was,” said Halami, 42.

Recalling her early life, Halami said her father worked as a cook at a local school. “My father was often made fun of because he was a cook. However, he was determined to provide the best education for his three children.”

“Being the eldest, I had a responsibility to be good enough to be able to motivate my younger ones as well,” added Halami.

“Once a district collector visited my father’s school, after that my father always told me to become a district collector. As a kid growing up in a small town, I had no idea about collectors and how to become one. My mother used to call the collector a Callander. She also used to tell me one day that I should be Callander, a great Callander,” he recounted.

“After graduating from science I got an idea of ​​what a collector is. I then started preparing for UPSC. No one was there to guide me so I would consider recommending books from everyone. I had decided that I had to become an IAS officer,” Halami recalls.

After graduating from Chandrapur, Bhaskar decided to go to Nagpur for higher studies. Her goal was to get a hostel at a university and study for UPSC.

“I was admitted to a master’s degree in science at a university. program so that I can stay at the hostel. I passed the PSI State Council exams, but I failed my first year of M.Sc. I always wanted to be a collector. Then I visited my village and realized that focusing on a single target would not solve my problems. I had to reconcile my master’s degree and my preparation for the public service. But things weren’t going as planned,” Halami lamented.

He then applied for a scholarship abroad and was selected. “This scholarship opened up new opportunities for me and I was accepted for a doctorate at the University of Michigan in the United States. Then I realized that I had achieved something ‘big’ that I had aspired to since childhood… Not a collector, but a scientist in genetic medicine,” he added.

He said geneticists are discovering drugs for rare diseases. “There are many types of cancer, some of them are curable in the incipient stage, but most of them are still waiting for precise medicine. Chemotherapy is not a viable option. This treatment seriously damages other organs your body. We want specific drugs that can be injected where the problem is in the body,” he added.

He said that in India they have not yet started working on genetic studies. “Once I gain tangible knowledge of genetic diseases and drugs, I will surely work for India,” he signed.

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