Mfine Expands Diagnostics Presence in Joint Venture with LifeCell Diagnostics |  Technology

Mfine Expands Diagnostics Presence in Joint Venture with LifeCell Diagnostics | Technology

As part of its evolution to a comprehensive omnichannel platform, healthcare services platform MFine, in joint venture with LifeCell Diagnostics, India’s leading genetic testing service provider, today announced the expansion of its footprint offline with the opening of the 100th patient service center. (PSC). In July this year, the companies announced a LifeWell joint venture, including an $80 million fundraising from OrbiMed Asia. The CSP has facilities for collecting samples for blood tests as well as assisted teleconsultations, booking for imaging/radiology tests in neighborhood centers and home delivery of medicines.

The company seeks to rapidly expand its network from over 25 already established MFine-branded pathology labs and over 100 experience centers in over 15 cities to a network of over 50 labs and over 500 service centers to patients in more than 30 cities covering pathology, radiology and genomics. by March 2023. To achieve this, the company must support the organic constitution of a nationwide laboratory network by also integrating existing high-quality radiology and pathology laboratory assets through a deployment process. In this regard, the company has already completed the integration of Mumbai-based Health Solutions Pathology Private Limited.

Through this rapid expansion, MFine will provide a seamless omnichannel experience of consuming healthcare services. The high-density network enables fast, accurate, and high-quality diagnostic services that can be used at home or in the center.

The company has already launched its MFine NOW acute care diagnostic service, in which blood samples can be taken at home within an hour of booking a test, and reports reach the patient and their doctor within the 6 hours. MFine continues to be an app for all user health needs with seamless integration between teleconsultations, diagnostic tests, chronic disease care programs and online pharmacy.

Supporting Quotes Mayur Abhaya, MD and CEO, LifeCell International Pvt.Ltd, said, “LifeCell Diagnostics, already a market leader in providing advanced genetic and genomic testing services for prenatal and neonatal, has now expanded its menu to over 3,200 tests spread across categories, including infections, oncology, and more. outside of routine investigations, thanks to our network of NABL & CAP accredited laboratories. This collaboration with MFine will help expand easier and faster access to these tests. Prasad Kompalli, co-founder and CEO of MFine, said, “MFine advances our vision of on-demand healthcare services and bridges the experience gaps between digital and physical channels. We would continue to develop the MFine platform with tools and services and provide an integrated care delivery experience for our users. In this joint venture, we have brought together the complementary capabilities of teams creating an extensive network of state-of-the-art diagnostic centers and a market-leading digital health platform. You will see us bringing innovations and experiences of unprecedented quality and convenience in the coming days to D2C and Corporate customers.”

About MFine MFine is an AI-powered on-demand healthcare platform that provides its users with access to high-quality integrated healthcare services and innovative disease management tools and tracking. health. The ISO 27001 certified health technology platform partners with leading and trusted hospitals, medical specialists and diagnostic laboratories. MFine users can consult doctors at their favorite hospitals via chat or video for prescriptions and/or routine care. Users can also book routine lab tests, medication delivery, and access comprehensive care plans for chronic disease management. MFine was founded in December 2017 by Ashutosh Lawania and Prasad Kompalli who were later joined by Ajit Narayanan and Arjun Choudhary. For more details, please visit: About LifeCell International Private Limited Founded in 2004 in Chennai, LifeCell is India’s leading provider of human cell, gene and tissue-based products and services for preventive and therapeutic purposes. It operates the nation’s largest neonatal stem cell registry with over 60,000 units of eligible cord blood readily available for distribution to its network of members when needed during transplants. LifeCell also operates a nationwide network of advanced genetic testing laboratories serving more than 3,000 hospitals in 130 cities, with a primary focus on maternal and newborn health. In addition, LifeCell’s newly established transplant division offers innovative stem cell and tissue-derived products from the placenta and umbilical cord for applications in advanced wound care and immunomodulation.

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