LETTER: The James Webb Telescope challenges the Big Bang theory

LETTER: The James Webb Telescope challenges the Big Bang theory

The most amazing thing revealed by the James Webb Telescope is that the farther back in time you look there were already huge, mature, fully formed galaxies. Big Bang astronomers are now stunned and surprised because, according to the Big Bang theory, these galaxies should not be there. There should have been only primordial dust from which they assume stars and galaxies were born after a primitive explosion. The James Webb Telescope challenges the Big Bang theory held by most scientists and causes consternation in the scientific community, at least among scientists who believe in the origin of the Big Bang of the universe.

Big Bang scientists believe that the expansion of galaxies in the universe stems from a singularity that exploded billions of years ago. Yes, some galaxies may be expanding, moving away (so-called Red Shift), but this is not necessarily the case for the entire universe, and even all scientists (including scientists from the evolution) do not interpret Red Shift in our universe to mean galaxies are expanding or that there was an early Big Bang where the universe came out of. It has been said that the editors of prestigious scientific journals refuse to publish articles and research by scientists who refute the Big Bang theory.

Canadian physicist and scientist David Rowland asserts in his Internet article “The Big Bang Never Happened” several scientific contradictions to the Big Bang that have been conveniently glossed over or ignored in order to support the popular Big Bang theory. majority of scientists. These scientists had to resort to the Internet to publish their scientific arguments refuting the Big Bang theory!

Rowland says the Red Shift in reality is not a measure of speed (showing that galaxies are expanding and moving apart), but only a measure of temperature and distance. He says Big Bang scientists initially confused the redshift of galaxies with the Doppler effect and this confusion led these early scientists to believe that the universe was expanding. Rowland points out that the light from galaxies naturally attenuates over long distances and that this attenuation was misinterpreted by early scientists as evidence that the galaxies in our universe must be expanding. Once this belief took hold early on, it has continued to be taught and supported by the majority of scientists to this day. Even famed astronomer Edwin Hubble, after whom NASA named its famous telescope, and who discovered the Red Shift, has expressed doubts about interpreting the Red Shift as evidence that galaxies are expanding. Hubble thought there might be other reasons for the Red Shift. Hubble refused to believe that the Red Shift was evidence of expanding galaxies.

Even if there has been a past expansion of galaxies, it does not mean that the galaxies are currently expanding. We can only see the past from telescopes, not the present. Interestingly, the Bible teaches that the heavens expanded at some point. Various passages in the Bible speak of God stretching out the heavens (i.e. Job 9:8, Psalm 104:2, Isaiah 42:5).

If the Big Bang had really happened, there would have been an even distribution of gases in space. This uniform distribution of gases throughout the universe would have ensured that the gases did not have enough gravitational pull to form into planets and stars. Big Bang scientists must assume the existence of dark matter in the universe to provide enough gravitational pull for stars and galaxies to form. However, there is still no scientific proof of the existence of dark matter. In fact, the hypothesis of the existence of dark matter is increasingly discredited by science.

Big Bang scientists believe that dark matter may be the only gravitational explanation for the behavior of galaxies. However, other scientists have managed to show an alternative explanation for dark matter known as MOND, which stands for Modified Newtonian Dynamics. In other words, it is not necessary to believe that 80% of the universe must be made up of dark matter to explain certain behaviors and movements of galaxies.

The late creationist and scientist Dr Duane T. Gish said, “The (galactic) structures discovered over the past few years are, however, so massive that even if CDM (Cold Dark Matter) existed, it could not explain their formation. (Dr. Duane T. Gish, “The Big Bang Theory Collapses”). Moreover, an explosion cannot explain the precise and orderly orbits and paths of trillions of stars in trillions of galaxies. Gravity can explain how this order is maintained, but gravity alone cannot explain the origin of this order!

Disorder in the universe can be explained because of chance and random processes, but order can only be explained rationally because of intelligent Power.

Some evolutionary astronomers believe that billions of stars crashed into each other, leaving surviving stars to find precise ordered orbits in space. Not only is this irrational, but if there were such a star mass collision, then there would be a super gas cloud mass remnant in space to support this hypothesis. The current level of gas and dust cloud remnants in space do not support the magnitude of star death required for such a hypothesis. It is more rational to believe that stars die and decay into gas clouds and dust instead of believing that gas clouds and dust evolve into stars as evolutionary astronomers teach (i.e.- i.e. The Pillars of Creation). Evolutionary astronomers only assume that the clouds of gas and dust in the so-called Pillars of Creation are birthplaces for stars. This assumption is conveniently conveyed as fact in textbooks and the media.

The author, Babu G. Ranganathan, of Boyertown, holds a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in theology and biology and was recognized for his writings on religion and science in the 24th edition of Marquis’ “Who’s Who in The East “.

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