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Andrea Riposati is globally recognized as an entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, which he founded with Mattia Capulli seven years ago. Under the leadership of the Italian founders, the genomics and precision medicine company has made genome sequencing and analysis accessible to consumers, researchers and medical practices around the world.

Dante Labs has been a huge success thanks to the leadership of its founders. Here, we’ll explore that success, Riposati’s position as an innovator in the field of genomics, as well as his professional background, training, and awards.

Andrea Riposati’s mission for Dante Labs

Using pioneering technologies from Dante Labs, Riposati hopes to “unleash the power of whole genome sequencing,” which is the most comprehensive genetic testing methodology in the world. By expanding access to this type of sequencing, consumers can understand their entire genome and, more specifically, the diseases they are most at risk of developing.

Riposati built on this mission by also addressing issues related to the complexity of data interpretation. To overcome these complexities, Dante Labs has developed proprietary software to generate custom reports that complement customers’ genome sequencing results. These reports show clients how to reduce their risk of developing certain conditions by making informed choices about diet, lifestyle and fitness.

The reports translate sequence data into actionable information that can help individuals prevent disease, avoid adverse reactions to food or drugs, and optimize their health. The reports are available in English, German and Italian. Dante Labs plans to make the reports available in other languages ​​soon.

Customers can choose not to receive information about certain conditions in their reports. For example, a person may want to test for diseases like diabetes, but may not want to know if they are predisposed to a disease like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or any other currently incurable disease. Customers can change their mind and access this information at any time.

CEO Andrew Relax refers to an individual’s genome as an “asset” that can last a lifetime. They can question their genomic data at any time to learn more about how to manage their health. With this information, they can make more informed choices to help them live “longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.”

As new genetic variants become apparent, customers can receive updates on their genomes. One of Dante Labs’ latest additions to its services is a subscription service through which customers can sign up for monthly updates.

The inspiration behind Dante Labs

Dante Labs was born in 2016. When Riposati’s friend needed a whole genome sequencing test but had trouble getting one, Riposati contacted Capulli, who specializes in biotechnology and genetics. After identifying the gap in the accessible genome sequencing market, Riposati and Capulli together founded Dante Labs.

They started Dante Labs in L’Aquila, Italy, to make the most of the country’s highly skilled population of genetics, bioinformatics and biotechnology specialists. By launching the company in Italy, the founders have also enabled customers to benefit from European privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which Riposati describes as “the most mature in the world”. world”.

Riposati’s previous experience in data analysis and product management proved invaluable to the development of Dante Labs. The company quickly expanded globally, developing an international logistics network that enables Dante Labs to provide high quality service to consumers and medical practices in 97 countries.

Riposati has defined Dante Labs as a user-centric company, which means the company always keeps end-user needs in mind when launching new offerings.

Career History and Education of Andrea Riposati

Prior to starting Dante Labs, Riposati held various leadership positions at influential companies. He acted as:

  • The CEO and president of business-to-business digital software and consulting firm Muse Technologies.
  • A senior product manager at Amazon in Seattle and New York. In this role, he set up Amazon B2B Marketplace and Amazon 3D Printing Store.
  • Partner in the global management consulting firm PwC Strategy&.
  • Lecturer at Harvard University.
  • Strategy and management consultant in digital and health at Booz Allen Hamilton.

Riposati holds a master’s degree in business and economics, which he obtained with the highest distinction at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. He also completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Harvard University.

Andrea Riposati Award

In 2019, Riposati won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in the “Startup” category of EY Italy. The award recognized Riposati’s efforts as CEO and co-founder of Dante Labs, which include bringing science to the world, contributing to the advancement of the local community, and building leadership in the genomics sector in Italy.

Riposati has also won two Harvard Business School Awards: the Dynamic Markets Competition (as an individual) and the HBS TOM Shad Competition (as a team).

About Dante Laboratories

Dante Labs serves people around the world who want to protect their well-being by investing in preventative health care.

Under Riposati’s leadership, the company built a sequencing center and operates Illumina’s high-capacity NovaSeq 6000 system, reducing the cost of sequencing and making sequencing solutions more accessible. The NovaSeq 6000 system is the most scalable on the market and allows Dante Labs to deliver results in two weeks, compared to the eight week turnaround of most labs.

Illumina shares the corporate values ​​of Dante Labs, believing that whole genome sequencing can improve human health on a large scale. Dante Labs considers Illumina’s next-generation sequencing systems to be optimal in terms of precision, accuracy, standardization, and reproducibility of results.

To further improve accessibility, Dante Labs is offering free shipping to all customers, regardless of location. This means that people who live on islands in the Pacific Ocean can access DNA test kits as easily as people who live near Dante Labs laboratories.

Dante Labs Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Exome Sequencing tests can identify large structural variants, copy number variations, and single nucleotide polymorphisms. The company plans to perform carrier screening and develop susceptibility testing for pharmacogenomic biomarkers and heterozygous and homozygous variants in the future.

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